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Parution - Direction d'ouvrage "Science, Technology and innovation culture"

le 1 septembre 2018

Marianne Chouteau, Joëlle Forest et Céline Nguyen dirigent l'ouvrage intitulé "Science, Technology and innovation culture".

Innovation is widely valued and encouraged within Western societies. In recent years, the development of an innovation culture seems to be the best way to develop an innovation capacity.

However, is our current innovation culture sufficient to meet the major contemporary challenges that we face? This book reviews the challenging relationship between innovation culture and technical culture along with their dissemination into society.

To examine this relationship, this book first goes back to the conceptual origins of technical culture and innovation culture. These concepts are then illustrated through the history of three particular innovations: computers, dynamite, and the theorem that earned Cédric Villani the Fields medal. Finally, it examines what innovation culture entails in organizations and how technical culture challenges the design of training programs.

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Publié le 10 octobre 2018