A JoRISS Seminar for PhD students in education. ENS de Lyon. 10-16 décembre 2018

du 10 décembre 2018 au 16 décembre 2018

Coordinateurs : Luc Trouche (IFÉ, ENS de Lyon) & Binyan Xu (ECNU, Shanghai). Lieu : ENS de Lyon

From 1014, the researchers in the field of mathematics education in both sides (ECNU and ENS de Lyon) have developed, in the frame of the PRoSFER and JoRISS programs, a strong and continuous cooperation, resulting in:

These PhD and projects have involved till now five researchers: Binyan Xu & Jiansheng Bao at ECNU; Sophie Soury-Lavergne, Jana Trgalova and Luc Trouche at ENS de Lyon. Binyan Xu was invited by ENS de Lyon in May 2018 for deepening this collaboration, in the perspective of the 14th international congress of mathematics education (ICME-14), to be held in ECNU in 2020 (Jiansheng Bao and Binyan Xu being co-chairs of the organizing committee, and members, with Luc Trouche, of the International Program Committee).

The seminar in Lyon, from December 10th to 14th, is funded by the JoRISS platform. Welcoming Jiansheng Bao and Binyan Xu, it is dedicated to working with the whole group of co-supervised students, in the perspective of submitting a Discussion Group to the ICME-14 conference.

The seminar will be organized on the basis of plenaries (each morning), questioning the problematique, methodology and preliminary results of each PhD, and of working sessions (each afternoon) gathering each student and his/her supervisors.

  • Monday 10th morning: the seminar challenges, on the French side (Luc Trouche) and on the Chinese one (Binyan Xu and Jiansheng Bao). Lecture by Jana Trgalova (title to come);

  • Tuesday 11th morning: discussion on Chongyang Wang's thesis;

  • Wednesday 12th morning: discussion on Fangchun Zhu's thesis;

  • Thursday 13th morning: discussion on Ming-Yu Shao's thesis;

  • Friday 14th morning: discussion on Luxizi Zhang's thesis.

The plenaries are open to external participants, but a registration is necessary (in sending an email to Luc Trouche).

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